How Long Does It Take To Make The Mold?

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Precision Molds

How long does it take to make the mold? Simple blanking molds and drilling tools can be completed in one or two days, while complex molds may take one or two months, or longer. Of course, the manufacturing cost of the mold is only Much different. Depending on the product category and attributes, the mold development time may vary.

What Are The Factors That Affect Mold Time?

How long does it take to manufacture plastic molds that account for a large proportion of molds? This issue cannot be generalized. It must be considered from multiple factors, such as the ease of processing of the product structure, customer product requirements, product material characteristics and the minimum order quantity of the mold products. It is the number of mold openings.

The summary of many years of work experience tells us how to respond to customers’ questions about mold manufacturing time. Today we will briefly explain to you how long does it take to make a plastic mold?

Flip Top Cap Mold Manufacturer
Flip Top Cap Mold Manufacturer

Usually our plastic mold production cycle depends on the difficulty of the product structure, the size of the product, the number of product cavities, product requirements, product material performance and other factors:

  1. Product structure: refers to the structural difficulty of the plastic part sample provided by the customer. It can generally be understood as follows: the more complex the shape of the plastic part, the more difficult it is to make the mold. In technical terms, the more parting surfaces, assembly positions, buckle positions, holes and ribs there are in a plastic part, the more difficult the processing will be and the longer it will take to make the mold. Generally, the more complex the mold structure is, the lower its quality will be and the more problem points it will have.
  2. Product size: This is not difficult to understand. The larger the product, the longer the natural mold and spare parts processing time will be.
  3. Product requirements: According to different requirements of customers, should the appearance surface be matt, glossy or mirror? Dimensional accuracy and assembly position tolerances, requirements for bonding lines and art lines, product components and assembly effects of components, etc.
  4. Product material performance: Our products often have special requirements, and the requirements for mold steel and processing technology are also different. For example, our Fudongyi Technology mold needs to be hardened.

    After hardening, the precision grinder will perform secondary CNC, and the subsequent processing steps will also change. Difficult, naturally more time-consuming, and some molds require anti-corrosion or soft rubber molds, the requirements will be different, and the manufacturing process will be more complicated.

  5. Number of mold cavities: that is, how many products can be produced from a set of molds. It depends on the size of the customer’s product market. There is definitely a difference between making two products and one product, and the processing time will be longer. Generally, a small number of mold cavities in the early stage of new product development can satisfy production and ensure the highest cost performance.
plastic box mold
plastic box mold

The above are the main factors that determine how long it takes to make our plastic molds. The general mold manufacturing cycle is about 20-25 days. It is recommended that product developers should have a conservative time for each link in the new product development process.

Even if there is a problem in any link, there is still room for maneuver. After the mold is made, the injection molding process is relatively simple and can basically be budgeted based on the molding cycle.